Dusty's crime report.
Hundreds gathered in Brisbane for a 'Voice for Victims' rally to demand action on the youth crime crisis.
Dusty interviews will shed light on the violent stories endured by so many in our community. We hear from victims who bravely tell their personal, devastating and previously untold stories.

Dusty is joined by thousands of fellow Queenslanders who are outraged and united in a quest for the Sunshine State to return to being a safe state. We are determined to prevent more youth crime incidents from impacting other families.

Voice for victims Mission Statement

Advocate on behalf of victims and survivors of crime to ensure that in the pursuit of criminal justice reform, the survivors are not forgotten, and the voices of victims are heard. The coalition will advocate on a local, state and national level regarding legislation, enforcement, funding and services that will help victims obtain justice.

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Feb 16th, 2024

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