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Get Off My Lawn #41 | Parking Rage Slay

We hang out with Gavin’s friends today as he interviews fellow Proud Boys Rory and Yosef. Proud Boys are a fraternal drinking club Gavin started that is like The Knights of Columbus or The Shriners. They are “western chauvinists” which just means patriots but that’s become very controversial in Trump’s America. Rory was just turned away from the Canadian border and they confiscated his conceal carry permit after learning he was associated with the club. Yosef was fired from his job and called a racist even though he is black and Jewish. Refugees are welcome but patriots are not allowed. We also comb the streets of New York promoting diversity and tell Miles McInnes about the time David Bowie had sex with a 13-year-old. And of course, there’s Onion Rings With Rick Shapiro.

Dec 05th, 2017

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